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Me and Dr. Ming Wang celebrating Constitution Day with the 917 Society, September 17, 2018. We both share a love for our Constitution and the freedom it is meant to secure. Me and Attorney and Advocate Connie Reguli, Family Forward Foundation. I have worked with her for the past few years, and we have even traveled out of state to advocate for child welfare reform and judicial accountability. This was 9/17/2018 Constitution Day!
Me and Nashville's Vice-Mayor Jim Schulman at a class about advocating in our communities. My oldest child, Callie Hubbell, and her sister, Dilara Gider. Callie graduates from Vanderbilt University May 10, 2019!!I can't believe she has grown up so fast! Sadly, due to corruption in the Juvenile Court of Davidson County, these loving sisters have been erased from each others lives. This picture was taken Dec. 9, 2018. I was almost completely erased from Dilara's life June 15, 2015 by an outrageously unlawful court order, and I have worked ever since to undo the damage it has caused. Dilara's father allowed Callie and Dilara to enjoy their relationship together, without too much interference, until last summer. This kind of thing should not be happening in our city, or anywhere in our country, and I intend to end court-ordered child abuse.
Me and James Hawk at the 2019 Conference for Neighborhoods, April 13, 2019 Me and Joni Bryan, Founder of the 917 Society on the night Bill Lee became our newest Governor! Governor Bill Lee is a Constitution-Lover, too!
"Abraham Lincoln" and me, 9/17/2018 Celebrating our Constitution with the 917 Society. Me and Dilara last winter or spring (2018) before I was completely erased from her life again. We always enjoyed singing together. I play the ukulele and she has one, too, but I doubt she practices on her own.
Me and Carol Swain, my choice for our next Mayor of Nashville, Ladies' Day on the Hill, April 1, 2019. Me and Carol Swain, my choice for our next Mayor of Nashville, at Pro-Life Day on Capitol Hill, April 2019.
2019 Conference for Neighborhoods, April 13, 2019
My daughter, Dilara Gider, and son, Noah Hubbell, goofing off June 2018. Noah decided to go off to University of Minnesota after he graduated from Hume-Fogg High School May 2017. My brother, son (Noah Hubbell), me, daughter (Dilara Gider) and daughter (Callie Hubbell) Winter break 2018-2019
My daughter, Dilara Gider, and me summer of 2018 after deciding to use black sidewalk chalk as face paint! Silly girl! We have fun when we are together. Michael Ramey ( and me Oct. 2018 in Michigan for a "State of the Children" event. I have a passion for liberty and justice and advocate for the rights of children and parents at every opportunity.

Lydia Hubbell for Council, Lydia Hubbell, Treasurer
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